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Moonlight Bandit



Moonlight Bandit (Several Awards, Comedy/Drama/Family)

Living in a bait shack anchored in a deep river, fifty-year old Gertie becomes involved in a romantic tug-a-war between her beautiful daughter and a wealthy CEO’s only son. Her large, tequila sipping bullfrog buddy Moonlight Bandit, becomes the catalyst who makes love happen all around and finds his love Rosie the Ribbiter in the process.

Double Ding Dong


Double Ding Dong (Nominated Best Drama, Comedy/Mystery, finalist Filmmakers international Film Festival)

Nudes, booze, politics, fierce bucking bulls, murder! Conniving Bag Lady…a lifelong French Quarter, Bourbon Street, sidewalk resident…relays the story of her orphaned twin baby boys finally reuniting to catch a killer and jewel thief. One is the successful owner of a strip joint with political aspirations, and the other is a rhyming, drunken rodeo clown whose only musical talent is singing, whistling and humming Louie Armstrong’s “I’m a Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas”…forever. An amazing, theatrical, Bourbon Street performance brings everything out in the open. “Oh me oh my, it’s hard to pull a bull, oh me oh my.” event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.



Rockerman (Nominated Best Drama, Drama/Family)

 A new superhero? An orphaned, disabled, multi-race young man’s body and mind are re-programmed to save Earth from “beings destroying each other”. A universe-travelling, all knowing extra-terrestrial, tiny vapor does the deed. Reluctant at first, the young man, disguised as a dancing/singing musician deemed “Rockerman” by the vapor, becomes an instant hero destined the fulfill the vapor’s world-wide mission. He starts on a superhero’s path but his desire to protect his loved ones from a local gang takes priority. The vapor, helping and protecting Rockerman, is almost extinguished only to be saved. The extra-terrestrial returns to the universe but not before leaving the young man the intellectual power to save civilization…and a few surprises! media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Double Play


Double Play (Finalist, Best Drama, Family) 

She seizes on her identical twin sister's untimely death as an opportunity to finally do something right with her life, secretly takes her place, raises her children, befuddles the suspicious, makes it through several crises, and....the story begins with a softball.

Lily Liu Lu


Lily Liu Lu (Winner Best Drama, Comedy/Drama )

She was born to a prostitute, seeks and gets revenge on her mother's killer - her father - escapes and becomes a college student, is discovered and goes to trial being supported by a wacky, loving group of friends. Is she convicted? Twists and turns lead to the unexpected as it has her whole life.

Tin Whistle


 Tin Whistle (Nominated Best Children's, animated, written for Alan J. Bailey) 

Animated tale adapted from "Nine Questions" by author Edward Fenton, Tin Whistle depicts the journey of a young boy and girl through dangerous adventures leading to returning the whistle to the boy's father - the King of Weaver Country - and foiling the evil Minister of Light’s plan to become ruler.



 Dogsonit (Nominated Best Drama, Comedy) 

After some of his buddies and his new female of interest are dognapped, an English bulldog organizes other dogs to attempt a daring rescue and avoid being caught by the evil pound doctor. Not finding his girl in the process, he is captured and headed for the pound’s oven only to be rescued by a multitude of dogs aided by a gaggle of cats seeking vengeance against the evil doctor.


A Doggone Christmas


 A Doggone Christmas (Nominated Best Comedy, Children's, some animation) 

An English Bulldog decides to find Santa’s reindeer “napped” from the children’s petting zoo just before Christmas. In the process he meets Old Saint Nick himself, leads a team of Wannabe reindeer, and saves the life of a young girl.



 Rent-A-Pooch (Children's)

English bulldog and buddies become part of a scheme to raise money by being loaned to snowbirds visiting the beach for the summer. Mobsters craft a plan to rob several banks only to be foiled by the “loving dogs” they have rented. Cats come to the rescue…again.



 SOS, INC. (Action/Comedy) 

A secret organization’s Egyptian criminal adversaries concoct a complex plot involving Las Vegas, nukes and drones with the goal of retrieving priceless artifacts.




Ghostwriter (Mystery)  

In order to get into heaven, the ghosts of two brothers must somehow get the retired detective who shot them and the Mafia Chief’s son to admit he did it. The Mafia Chief, Alzheimers, and two conniving caretakers keep the detective from writing his memoirs so the ghosts must help him tell the real story.


P. Money


 P. Money (Official Selection, Drama/Action)

Mysterious principal turns inspires “throw away” ghetto high school students by using money as an incentive.

Steam and Gold


Steam and Gold (Best Drama, Jury Award, Action/Drama, written for Alan J. Bailey) 

Story of contributions of Chinese workers, love's lost and gained, building the First Transcontinental Railroad, conflicts with devious gold mining owner, and a Tong War.

Makeup Man


 Makeup Man (Best Drama, Action/Mystery) 

An elite assassin working undercover as a fourth grade, costume-wearing teacher attempts to keep his fellow assassins from murdering his students and the President and visiting prime ministers. After his cover is blown by a retired San Francisco cop and his DC daughter, a plan is hatched to keep everyone safe and destroy the assassins. A lot of Bombay and a pretty lady provide a little help, too.



 iPirate (Official Selection, Drama/Action) 

Band of misfits pursue buried treasure after hijacking a cruise ship.

Bahama Mama


Bahama Mama (Sequel to iPirate, Nominated Best Drama, Action) 

The wife of the kidnapped world’s greatest treasure hunter conquers bad guys and brings him back to their private island in the Bahamas. A blazing battle in New York Harbor complete with bullets, paint balls and water cannons brings down the bad guys.

Last Irish King


 Last Irish King (Drama/Action, Children's) 

A runaway lad meets a beautiful, coddled Irish Step Dancer preparing for the World’s Championships. At a preliminary competition, he meets an old, weathered gentleman who claims to be the last Irish King. His wish is for the lad and the young girl, while in Ireland, to recover his crown and bring it back to him so he can be reunited with his queen and finally leave Earth. Unfortunately, the old man’s enemy also has eyes on the crown which he believes to be rightfully his. The young couple’s Irish adventure leads them from Cork to Sligo and back to San Francisco.



Switch (Official Selection, Action/Drama) 

Going from rural Nevada to Berkeley causes enough crises for an abandoned girl and the son of her adopted parents. The MBA graduating son wins the lottery but gives the winning ticket to the young girl who has dreams of becoming a movie star. After she loses all the money to a fast-talking director, she must rescue the son from a New York firm’s deadly pursuit.

Sullivan's Travels


Sullivan's Travels (Nominated Best Script) 

Current day remake of 1941 Joel McCrea feature starring Veronica Lake.

Triple Destiny


Triple Destiny (Best Drama, Drama, written for Alan J. Bailey)  

“It’s okay mommy. Don’t Cry! I saw Mr. Sunshine. He said I will see you again.” Puerto Rican teenager Ana’s life is shattered when her parents die. She visits the Old Aguadilla Lighthouse Ruins and the ghostly Stone Woman trying to figure out what her destiny is. ”You will find your destiny in Puerto Rico.” A dancer and dance teacher, she escapes her drunken, crazed, war-vet husband’s beatings and disappears with her little girl. A stranger saves her daughter’s life and becomes an immediate love interest as she performs an exotic dance. Her life is shattered again when her beautiful daughter dies in a car driven by her over-wrought husband. Comforting intimacy with the stranger that deadly, tragic night becomes another disappointment. She disappears again still looking for her destiny. Pregnant, being asked to marry, the Stone Woman points to the stranger as her true destiny. Her daughter is reincarnated, the stranger - her true lover – appears as Mr. Sunshine – a small, yellow breasted bird – has brought them all together as a lonely flute plays. 


Blood Tradition


Blood Tradition (Official Selection, Nominated Best Drama, written from brief notes of Bill Bonanno)

Longtime retired hitman goes back in action when one daughter is targeted by Chicago mob and the other is forced into suicide by an evil gangster. The hitman's mob turns on him as he puts his own family above the Family. 

Scambler's Lament


Scambler's Lament (Drama) 

Released from prison for slot machine scams, Jonathon relives his life in a catharsis debating whether to return to the life of a scambler or not. In the process, many scams are revealed along with the trials and tribulations of being forever “looking over his shoulder.”

Angel's Revenge


Angel's Revenge (Mystery/Action)  

After her Mafia father is killed by a cop, his daughter decides to take his place at the head of his underworld organization with one goal in mind: Revenge on the cop and his daughter, JJ. The cop is kidnapped and JJ goes all out to find him leading her to San Francisco, the FBI, Coast Guard and others with the help of the Battle Mountain Boys.




Vexatious (Drama) 

Unable to bring her employer to the justice she believes she does, Alexis takes him to trial several times and is ruled a “Vexatious Litigant” and will not be allowed to bring a suit to court again. Legal avenues unavailable, she brings justice her way.





SINTA CLAUS (Winner best Drama)

Jack Diamond, a self-declared world’s greatest slot cheat now a Santa Claus lookalike except for one glaring difference – an eye patch covering a glass eye resulting from another prisoner’s attempt to get information about alleged stolen money out of him – is suddenly released from custody after serving 25 years framed for a murder he didn’t commit. The son of the dead mobster who framed Jack wants him, nicknamed “Sinta Claus” by fellow prisoners, to reveal where he has hidden a ledger detailing the mob’s Big Cheat – money skimmed from casinos. Mob bosses put deadly pressure on the son. Jack discovers his ex, who married the recently deceased mobster, was keeping a secret from him, a secret in the form of a beautiful daughter. As pressure mounts, and his ex and daughter are used as pawns to force him to bring the ledger forward, Jack must resort to his own bag of tricks to escape certain death for he and his loved ones. And, of course, it all takes place at Christmas.





A Family Teleplay (Winner Best Teleplay)

David – African-American, chiseled, football All-American, Marine Sergeant – and Rose - his high school sweetheart, White, cheerleader - cement their love in a beautiful ceremony at their home in Carson City at Christmas. Together, they open a Physical Therapy business a few blocks away, and their love child Cicely is born. Four years later, David, for reasons he cannot explain…a feeling deep inside…reups and joins Special Ops. 

Three years later, Christmas nears and Santa, wearing an eye patch and street clothes, suddenly appears with a particular mission in mind. Cicely’s father has been missing in action for almost three years. At a Holiday MusicFest, Cicely sits on his knee as he substitutes for a mysteriously sick Santa. He knows her name. She asks that her father come home in a couple of days for Christmas because her mother Rose misses him so…and so does she. Santa’s words lead her to believe her wish will be granted. 

With reality in mind, Rose does not want to “pop Cicely’s bubble” and tries to let her down easily. She believes the Santa she talked with might have a devious motive for leading her on.

At a Senior Care Center, Santa suddenly appears. Rose confronts him, but he convinces her to use her Physical Therapist expertise on a dying, elderly lady and then they will talk about Cicely. She finishes but he has disappeared again.

Cicely, so convinced Santa is right, organizes a school party to greet her father on the last day before Christmas vacation. He doesn’t appear, and she runs away embarrassed. Rose frantically searches Carson City and asks the Sheriff to find the “fake Santa” arrest him and force him tell Cicely of his misleading statement once she is found. After several hours of frustration, she figures out where her daughter is and finds her in a Children’s museum visited often by Cicely and David.

With Cicely back home, the Sheriff tells Rose what he found out about David…a hero who rescued an entire school from terrorists in a small African village, but disappeared after going back to save a young girl the same age as Cicely. The villagers gave him the nickname “Superman”.

Together, Rose and Cicely make light of “fake Santa” and plan a Christmas Eve party in their home, Cicely to wear a Santa suit. During the party, Santa and the elderly lady from the Senior Care Center show at the front door. Rose greets them, she is thanked for working “her Physical Therapy Magic”, and they leave. Rose suddenly realizes they arrived with no vehicle in sight, turns to find them and they have disappeared.

Frustration aside, Cicely decides to go to bed after the party. There is a knock at the door, and David, using a cane, stands before Rose. Cicely, hearing her mother’s ecstatic response, runs to her father hugging him tightly. David steps aside to introduce the African girl he rescued. The young girls hug. From above the house they hear sleigh bells and Santa moving away…”Believe…Merry Christmas!” A black eye patch floats down and lands in Rose’s outstretched hand.