Screenplays - Unscripted


The American High School Series


Scripted shows about high school are not real! “Freaks and Geeks”, “Glee”, “Jersey Shores” were staged to attract viewers through scripted conflict and rage, anger and frustration, sex and romance, violence and mind-altering substances. Did any of us have these high school experiences? 

For many, high school was a day-to-day challenge, unending struggle for popularity, put-downs, jealousy, lust, burly jocks and gorgeous cheer leaders as gods, annoying zits and untimely menstruation, pressuring parents who thought they knew how we should “do it”, and sometimes ruthless teachers with a devastating but uncommonly accurate grading pencil. 

Most of us “made it” and laugh about our teen years at reunions but today is not like it used to be. Technology, propaganda, fake news, politics, rapidly changing job market, high cost of living…pedophiles…assault rifles. We might not like it but…this is the new reality…the new high school world!

This is an unscripted series…real students, real teachers, real administrators, real parents in a real high school…no scripts, no coaching, no direction. School teachers, administrators and support staff face today’s challenges. 

The needs and interests of all students, peer pressure, taunting, bullying, fighting in addition to new world realities if left unaddressed can cause havoc and destroy the best intentioned high school.

Season One of “The American High School” will take place in an urban city. How do students handle the pressures, conflicts and human drama of today’s world? How do they keep the high school population from “Battle Royale” and focused on what needs to be done to learn, get along and care about each other? What is the new high school reality?

Through the eyes and experiences of students and staff, this story of one of today’s real high schools will be told. This is not a fairy tale and these are not actors. 

There has never been a show like this!