mR. bERZERKELEY: The Naked Mayor (c) 2012



Berkeley’s pompous, mythical, and often naked Mayor and his fellow inhabitants become entangled in politics, mystery, sexual rites of passage, comical self-expression and more. One of his high school chums has moved back to renovate Hamilton House, one wacky adventure at a time, and who knows what’s coming next? The Mayor has been dubbed “mR. bERZERKELEY” by a cartoonist who is determined to embarrass him (and undermine his bid for re-election). In this spoof that cheerfully brings the sixties into the twenty-first Century, the Mayor’s buffoonery as he interacts with boardinghouse residents creates a wild smorgasbord of edgy adventures. The cartoonist, a naïve freshman, a reformed prostitute, lesbian lovers, a sarcastic cook (the Mayor’s mother), the deformed son of a university bigwig, and a Kansas politician are some of the characters who spark energy back into the old house and bring classic Berkeley love to life. And, don’t forget their adopted street dog “Trojan”.

mR. bERZERKELEY: Big Games, Big Lies, Big Decisions (c) 2012



No one is safe from Berkeley’s mythical naked Mayor and his adventurous and risk-taking antics, especially his wacko friends…past and present. Life in Berkeley is as colorful as ever, and now, his life is even more bizarre than before…just like he likes it. He tries to navigate the waters, but Big Game antics and even bigger lies spun by his enemies are making it a rough crossing. Now that he’s found out he’s a father, he’s out to lead the willing and find solutions for all the many challenges he faces…including a few surprises. Nymphomaniac Jasmine is leading Josh toward the altar while the pregnant Babe has escaped back to Kansas leaving Winnie to handle Hamilton House; freshman Sarah changes lifestyles…again…and lesbian lovers Stephanie and Judy want to experience motherhood; his son Mysterious Michael and his mother the Vice-Chancellor, continue their hatred toward each other; Asia’s bordello past and a murder put her future (and the Chancellor’s reputation) in danger; former border habitual masturbator Ainsely Bassette reappears on the scene; Bessie faces a life-or-death operation; and, Trojan fights a deadly battle with a coyote. Toss in naked windsurfing at a Southern California beach and a trip to Disneyland and mR. bERZERKELEY II continues the Mayor’s wacky adventures.


mR. bERZERKELEY: Gators, Guns, Goodbyes (c) 2013



Hamilton House boarders and the naked Mayor deal with the law, death threats, Asia’s past, Josh’s disappearance, fame, and fortune. The Mayor has a lot on his mind. He finds out Asia is his half-sister. He’s in Virginia City, involved in a Asia’s murder trial...the murder of his father. The Mayor’s up-and-coming reality television career is the talk of Hamilton House and he must decide if he will take one of the many offers or not. He also has been chosen as the King of Mardi Gras. BTW…he’s supposed to be running the city. To complicate matters, no one knows what to think after Josh disappears while in New Orleans on an advance team for the Mayor’s visit. Targeted by a Chinese gang leader, he is dumped in a swamp to become an alligator’s dinner, ends up losing then regaining his memory. Sarah is determined to find him…”her true love”. Jack R. Abbott’s bungling French Quarter attempt to find Josh is thwarted. Asia’s controversial “dog-cloning experiment” culminates, the trial ends and Bessie must deal with sadness as all the boarders ready to leave at the year’s end. Decisions have been made, risks taken, drama endured and mR. bERZERKELEY settles back getting ready to do it again.




Ability to make good choices is present in everyone. Ideas are free as is thinking about the Path of Least Anticipated Resistance to the desired outcome. Pitfalls and traps are many, but once recognized they can be overcome. In the end GLORY awaits as are other dreams/decisions to be made.




The lives of teachers are changed forever with the introduction of collective bargaining and the leadership of a union organizer who has a hidden agenda. “PUT KIDS FIRST” becomes the battle cry as teachers and their employers lock horns.





Things aren’t always what they seem. Wealthy DC widow JJ Wellington doesn’t realize that behind her son’s favorite teacher’s academic and athletic tutoring and training is a Chickenhawk, a most devious and deadly child molester. Public opinion and high praise for the teacher keep his secret hidden and well-protected. In the depths of a cellar, in the middle of DC, he talks to and impersonates his dead mother as she goes about cleaning up his dastardly deeds, killing young boys and those who would out him. After her son’s disappearance, JJ is finally convinced he is the monster pedophile who did it and has killed before. She goes for the capture and must conquer ridicule, jail and death as she throws aside her own innocence.