Screenplays - Series

Hog Heaven



HOG HEAVEN (Award-winning Teleplay - Docudrama Written With Creator George L. Starke, Jr.)

Hogs…two legged Hogs…the legendary Washington Redskins offensive line, became the best ever to play in the NFL with hard work, and facing major challenges in football and life as one. They also added in a mixture of fun, theatrics, a strong sense of purpose, and a little Native American magic. Together, representing our Nation’s Capital, they became Super Bowl Champions and created Hog Heaven.

Wannabe Jack's Rabbott Mysteries



WANNABE JACK’S RABBOTT MYSTERIES (Award-winning Teleplay – Comedy/mystery )

If Murder She Wrote’s Jessica Fletcher and Jacques Clouseau had a love child it would be our hero Jack R. Abbott. A loveable, bumbling, unpublished wannabe mystery writer, he wants to experience everything hoping inspiration’s “light” clicks on and sparks an idea leading to a best-selling mystery. He usually faces death in his quest and his girlfriends Special Agents B-4 and Shittz are not always around to protect him.




NAIVETE (Official Selection, Horror/drama, Award Winner Best Teleplay))

Things aren’t always what they seem. Wealthy DC widow JJ Wellington doesn’t realize that behind her son’s favorite teacher’s academic and athletic tutoring and training is a Chickenhawk, a most devious and deadly child molester. Public opinion and high praise for the teacher keep his secret hidden and well-protected. In the depths of a cellar, in the middle of DC, he talks to and impersonates his dead mother as she goes about cleaning up his dastardly deeds, killing young boys and those who would out him. After her son’s tragic death, JJ is finally convinced he is the monster pedophile who did it and has killed before. She goes for the capture and must conquer ridicule, jail and death as she throws aside her own innocence.




Sincrest (Semi-finalist, Action/drama)

Retired Sheriff from rural Nevada, visits Palm Desert, California, finds a cure his for wife’s rare condition. A law enforcement colleague suggests he live in an adult community near the hospital suspected of crimes and housing criminals while she undergoes treatment. “Be my eyes and ears…snoop around, see what’s up?” Mafia, Chinese, Hispanic, other bad guys are enjoying their place in the sun and the retired sheriff has his hands full.


People's Republic



People's Republic (Drama)

“No boundaries” naked Mayor of Berkeley leads a University boardinghouse of wackos including a former prostitute who brings with her several game-changing secrets. In addition to her, boarders include a very naïve, extremely gorgeous, bosomy Freshman; a buffed, horny, artistic graduate; lesbian lovers; deformed son whose mother is the evil University Vice-President and former Mayor’s one-night stand; a Kansas politician and his wife on a break from politics; and, the Mayor’s foul-mouthed mother…chief cook and bottle washer. And, don’t forget a scruffy street mutt named “Trojan”.



Shadows (Drama)

After his mother’s murder, young Timothy is placed in an orphanage. His mother returns in the form of a shadow and leads him to uncover her killer. After he has solved her murder, he stays in the orphanage. As it fills with children, he is able to read their pasts and their futures as well of those who come to visit in hopes of selecting the child of their dreams. The shadows provide Timothy the information he needs and Madame Boulette closes the adoption agreement that is needed to put him in the situation the shadows have ordained. Once he corrects the future tragedy he has seen, he figures out a way to return to the orphanage.

Four Corners



Four Corners (Drama/Action)

Premiership soccer player returns to his hometown and becomes a teacher/coach dealing with teenage girls. His brother leads the school’s marching band. Involvement with the local underworld throws his entire homecoming and his life into jeopardy.

B-4: Special Agent



B-4: Special Agent (Action/Mystery)

B-4 - Big Boobs Bonnie Brown – was born to be a special agent, her father a notorious San Francisco cop and rural Nevada mother a hardened bar owner with the mouth of a truck driver and fists poised to loosen teeth. In her youth she was given the moniker by the Battle Mountain Boys while shooting a video. Her mother tried to make her a “Hollywood Star” but she chose the college route instead hoping to become a detective like her father. At a pistol range, she meets Joe Santoro - Special Agent Wannabe – his oversize revolver Johnnson named after his Special Agent father – and falls deeply in love. Santora - admitted to Special Agent training – is murdered by foreign agents retaliating against his father. B-4 is furious and decides to seek revenge against the agents and lobbies a senator to allow her to take Santoro’s training spot. She is finally admitted, rises to the top of her class, finds Santoro’s father, works with him to find the agents who killed her lover. In a fierce battle, she kills the agents using Johnnson and witnesses her lover’s father’s last breath. With Santoro’s father’s blessings, she decides to become a Special Agent…forever.